“Look around among your own number, brothers, for seven men acknowledged to be deeply spiritual and prudent.” —Acts 6:3
“They presented these men to the apostles.” —Acts 6:6
Did you notice that the leaders of the early Church placed the responsibility for finding deacons on the “community of the disciples”? (Acts 6:2) That’s us! We are to be on the lookout for those who would make good leaders in the Church.
This was new for the early Christians. Jewish priests and Levites were born into their positions. The apostles were called and chosen by Jesus Himself. The early Church, however, called the lay people to raise up future leaders from “among [their] own number” (Acts 6:3).
Our priests and bishops today cannot possibly know each person who may have a call to religious life and other forms of leadership in the Church. They depend on each one of us to do our part in building up the Church. We can do this by:
  • asking God to reveal to us those “spiritual and prudent” men and women,
  • pointing out to these people their gifts,
  • frequently encouraging (Heb 10:25) and praying for them,
  • discipling them so they can be more “spiritual and prudent,”
  • presenting these people to church leaders by offering to introduce them to vocation directors, paying for them to go on retreats, etc. and
  • making disciples (Mt 28:19) by having as many children as God calls us to have and raising them in the faith.
The leaders of the Church are depending on you. “Look around” (Acts 6:3).
Prayer: Father, may I be for You a scout full of encouragement (Nm 13:2, 30ff).
Promise: Jesus “told them, ‘It is I; do not be afraid.’ ” —Jn 6:20
Praise: St. Catherine guided the chief pastor, the pope.

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