“Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit.” —Matthew 4:1
In the stark desolation of the physical desert, you can:
  • see clearly without distraction.
  • live simply, in a “lean and mean” lifestyle. Only the basic necessities for survival are valuable.
  • discern value clearly. We tend to overvalue the things the world affords (1 Jn 2:16). In the desert, a cup of water has far more value than a diamond necklace.
In Lent, the Holy Spirit leads us into the desert to speak to our heart (Hos 2:16). This spiritual desert is similar to the physical desert:
  • Temptations can be seen more clearly for what they are, without distraction.
  • Things that seem so important in the world, such as the regard of others, fade into obscurity in the spiritual desert.
  • Things that seem obscure in the clutter of society, such as God’s opinion of you, are critically important in the desert.
  • Your need for God’s provision and protection is acute in the desert. The consequences of rebelling against God’s direction can be fatal.
Most of all, the desert is a place of love (see Jer 2:2). In the desert the Lord allures us (Hos 2:16) by pouring out His love into our heart through the Holy Spirit (Rm 5:5). The Israelites grumbled in the desert (see Ex 16:2), but in the Lenten desert, we will rejoice (Is 35:1). “In the desert prepare the way of the Lord!” (Is 40:3)
Prayer: Jesus, let me count everything as loss so that I may always consider You, and You alone, to be my Wealth (Phil 3:7-8).
Promise: “Through one Man’s obedience, all shall become just.” —Rm 5:19
Praise: Jesus, our Bridegroom, awaits us, His bride, in His kingdom. Praise You, Lord Jesus, for Your steadfast love. We adore You.

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