“You know the commandments.” —Mark 10:19
The man in today’s Gospel reading told Jesus that he had kept the commandments since his childhood (Mk 10:20). So Jesus gave him five more commandments: go, sell, give, come, and follow (Mk 10:21).
The man refused to obey these commandments. Immediately, his face expressed his rebellion. The verse describing his reaction can be translated: his “face fell” (Mk 10:22). Some of the connotations of the Greek word are: the man glowered; his face became overcast, expressing even tinges of hatred.
To obey the Lord is delightful (Ps 40:9). To disobey the Lord is hateful, depressing, and sad (see Mk 10:22). To obey God’s will is our food, nourishment, and fulfillment (Jn 4:34). To disobey God’s will is emptiness and desolation. To obey the Lord is to enter into the Lord’s love and intimacy (see Jn 15:10Mk 3:35). To disobey the Lord is to become alienated and isolated into an everlasting hell of narcissistic selfishness.
Let us follow Jesus by obeying Him even to death on the cross (Phil 2:8). Then we will be exalted with Him forever.
Prayer: Father, may I learn obedience from what I suffer (Heb 5:8).
Promise: “With God all things are possible.” —Mk 10:27
Praise: Joe repented of neglecting Sunday Mass and now joyfully attends Mass several days a week.

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