“You cannot give yourself to God and money. I warn you, then: do not worry about your livelihood.” —Matthew 6:24-25

It often seems that much of Western Christianity has sold its birthright for petty pleasures (see Gn 25:34) and has blinded itself by bowing down before the god of the present age, the god of lifestyle (2 Cor 4:4). Many of us who call ourselves Christians think we can seek the most comfortable lifestyle possible and still serve God. However, the Lord says that’s impossible (Mt 6:24).
If we’re set upon the things of the world, we’re enemies of the cross (Phil 3:18-19). If we love what the world affords, the Father’s love finds no place in us (1 Jn 2:15). The unbelievers are always concerned about what they are to eat, drink, or wear (Mt 6:31-32). Yet we have been chosen out of the world (Jn 15:19). We have been crucified to the world and the world to us (Gal 6:14). Because of our love for Jesus, we have come to rate all as loss and to consider it dung (Phil 3:8). We despise the world’s petty pleasures and refuse to take Satan’s bribes (see Lk 4:6-7). We have already devoted enough time to what the pagans enjoy (1 Pt 4:3). We must not spend what remains of our earthly lives “on human desires but on the will of God” (1 Pt 4:2).

Prayer: Father, may my lifestyle make no sense to someone who doesn’t know You.
Promise: “With God is my safety and my glory, He is the Rock of my strength; my refuge is in God.” —Ps 62:8
Praise: Praise be to the risen Jesus, Who is joy for all ages. Alleluia!


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