“He looks with favor upon their hearts.” —Sirach 17:7
God knows all our ways; “they cannot be hidden from His eyes” (Sir 17:13). All our “actions are clear as the sun to Him, His eyes are ever upon” our ways (Sir 17:15). God knows when we sit or when we stand (Ps 139:1-2). Our journeys and our rest He scrutinizes (Ps 139:3). “Even before a word is” on our tongues, He knows “the whole of it” (Ps 139:4). In God’s book, all our actions are written (Ps 139:16). He is familiar with all our ways (Ps 139:3).
Because God knows everything about us, we should:
  • thank Him for loving us infinitely even in our sinfulness,
  • live to please Him,
  • ask Him to help us understand ourselves,
  • ask Him to change us and make us holy as He is holy,
  • never do anything without seeking His will,
  • believe that our lives are planned, meaningful, and important,
  • be joyful, and
  • be in awe of Him.
Let us joyfully love the all-knowing God.
Prayer: Father, You know my worst. Thank You that You have never stopped loving me.
Promise: “He embraced them and blessed them, placing His hands on them.” —Mk 10:16
Praise: Anthony turned his addiction to pornography over to the Lord from Whom he could not hide it. Jesus gave him the grace to be pure as He is pure (1 Jn 3:3)

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