“They answered, ‘Moses permitted divorce and the writing of a decree of divorce.’ But Jesus told them: ‘He wrote that commandment for you because of your stubbornness.’ ” —Mark 10:4-5
Jesus related divorce to stubbornness. Stubbornness in this context could be sin, pride, selfishness, refusal to repent, unforgiveness, contraception, lust, bitterness, resentment, prayerlessness, isolation, etc.
When Jesus prohibited divorce, He implied that married couples need no longer be oppressed by stubbornness. The name of Jesus is above stubbornness, sin, pride, etc. (see Phil 2:9) Jesus has set us free from the stubbornness of sin. Married couples can be united in love and reconciled, if they will put their marriages in the hands of Jesus. Jesus can reconcile, heal, and renew even the worst marriage. Jesus is the only Hope for married couples, and the only Hope they need.
If possible, join hands with your spouse; don’t be stubborn; pray together; give your life and marriage to Jesus now.
Prayer: Father, may all the married people reading this pray daily with their spouses.
Promise: “Lead me in the path of Your commands, for in it I delight.” —Ps 119:35
Praise: Although divorced, John and Maria reconciled and re-married, this time including God in their marriage.

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