Jesus “gave the word, and with it the unclean spirits came out and entered the swine.” —Mark 5:13
After Jesus drove the unclean spirits out of the demoniac and into the swine, the townfolk begged Jesus to go away (Mk 5:17). The people apparently preferred to live with a legion of demons rather than with the Lord, for at least they could eat pork chops, bacon, and ham.
Jesus left the district, as the people requested. However, by declining the request of the former demoniac to accompany Him, Jesus made sure that His truth, power, and love would stay in the area through the new life of the former demoniac (Mk 5:19).
There are places, businesses, cities, nations, families, and even churches where Jesus has been told to go away. However, He has left us behind. We live in these cities and families. We work in these businesses and churches. Jesus is still present through us, the members of His body. We are to bear His presence in the Christ-less situations of our society, invading the secular world by carrying within us God’s presence.
Satan showed his presence through a herd of pigs; may the Lord show His presence through us.
Prayer: Father, may I be a “walking tabernacle” for You in this world (see 1 Cor 3:16).
Promise: “Women received back their dead through resurrection.” —Heb 11:35
Praise: Simply by being pregnant with her tenth child and responding joyfully to insults, Elizabeth defends life.

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