John 1:29
God’s Servant was formed from the womb (Is 49:5). The Lord “knitted” us in our mothers’ wombs (see Ps 139:13). From our mothers’ wombs, the Lord gave us our names (see Is 49:1). The Lord is working with children in the womb both physically and spiritually.
This means:
  • We should pray for and with children in the womb.
  • Pregnant mothers should receive Holy Communion, and their babies in the womb will share in those Communions.
  • We should pray and fast to protect children in the womb from abortion (see The Gospel of Life, Pope St. John Paul II, 100).
  • We should invite parents who have aborted their children to come to Jesus to receive forgiveness and healing.
  • We should ask aborted babies to pray for us.
  • Most of all, we must invite everyone to give their lives totally to Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Jn 14:6). Jesus is our only Savior, Lord, and Hope.
Prayer: Father, give me the grace to die if necessary to save the lives of children in the wombs.
Promise: “It is He Who is to baptize with the Holy Spirit.” —Jn 1:33
Praise: Praise You, risen Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Way, the Truth, the Life, Savior, Lord, Hope, and God. We lay our lives before You. Alleluia!

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