“Observe what is right, do what is just; for My salvation is about to come, My justice, about to be revealed.” —Isaiah 56:1

St. John the Baptizer “was the lamp, set aflame and burning bright, and for a while you exulted willingly in his light” (Jn 5:35). Those who have accepted John’s call to repentance are ready to meet Jesus this Christmas.
Yet many still refuse God’s grace of repentance. These people will be given a “testimony greater than John’s, namely, the works the Father has given [Jesus] to accomplish” (Jn 5:36). Ask the Lord to confirm the message of repentance and Christmas with accompanying signs (Mk 16:20). Pray the following prayer: Lord, “grant to Your servants, even as they speak Your words, complete assurance by stretching forth Your hand in cures and signs and wonders to be worked in the name of Jesus, Your holy Servant” (Acts 4:29-30). Expect “swift justice” (Lk 18:8). Expect many conversions. Expect the Acts of the Apostles to be manifested before your very eyes.
The Lord wants His house to be full (Lk 14:23), all to be saved (1 Tm 2:4), and all to have a real Christmas. He will do almost anything to lead someone to Him. After all, He became a man and died on the cross to give us salvation. Ask the Lord to rend the heavens and shake the mountains (Is 63:19). He wants to save us much more than we want to be saved. Come, Lord Jesus!

Prayer: Father, reveal to me any sin of mine.
Promise: “For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” —Is 56:7
Praise: Peter went to Confession during Advent to prepare himself for the Christ Child.


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