Jesus “saw the rich putting their offerings into the treasury, and also a poor widow putting in two copper coins.” —Luke 21:1-2

Because Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday (Heb 13:8), He is still observing us as we put our offerings in the collection. However, collections do not take place only at church. For example, the Lord takes up a collection every day from those He has joined together in marriage, for He has made marriage to be a life of total self-giving. In fact, the Lord takes up collections daily in the vocations and lives of all people.
What the Lord looks for in a collection is not so much quantity but sacrifice. He still points out with approval those who give from their need rather than from their surplus (see Lk 21:4).
Jesus put everything into the collection taken up on Calvary. He will give us the grace to give as He gave. Right now, Jesus is about to take up another collection. Put your life in the collection basket. Give without counting the cost. Give all in love. Jesus is watching. Jesus is loving. Give to, with, and in Jesus.

Prayer: Father, make me a joyful (see 2 Cor 9:7), sacrificial, and total giver.
Promise: “They are pure and follow the Lamb wherever He goes. They have been ransomed as the first fruit of mankind for God and the Lamb.” —Rv 14:4
Praise: Sts. Ann and Joachim believed that God would work His plan through their daughter. They expressed their belief by presenting Mary to be raised in the Temple at the age of three.


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