“God chose us in Him.” —Ephesians 1:4

We have been baptized into Christ (Rm 6:3). Therefore, we are baptized into His Body, the Church (1 Cor 12:13), which has been given “every spiritual blessing in the heavens” (Eph 1:3). In Jesus, we have been chosen by God “before the world began, to be holy and blameless in His sight, to be full of love; He likewise predestined us through Christ Jesus to be His adopted sons” and daughters (Eph 1:4-5). “It is in Christ and through His blood that we have been redeemed and our sins forgiven” (Eph 1:7). “God has given us the wisdom to understand fully the mystery, the plan He was pleased to decree in Christ” (Eph 1:9).
In summary, in Christ we are gifted, chosen, holy, loved, adopted, redeemed, forgiven, and enlightened. The meaning of life is to be in Christ (see Jn 6:56; 15:5). “It pleased God to make absolute fullness reside in [Jesus] and, by means of Him, to reconcile everything in His Person” (Col 1:19-20).
We have been baptized into Christ. Live in Christ, and “remain in Him now, little ones” (1 Jn 2:28).

Prayer: Father, may I celebrate with great joy my baptismal anniversary each year and each day.
Promise: “Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done wondrous deeds.” —Ps 98:1
Praise: Pat studied the writings of The Early Church Fathers and, because of what he learned, he made the decision to become a Catholic.


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